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Mega Lugia by TRXPICS
Mega Lugia
For a real long while I wanted to do a Mega Lugia, and with many design choices being scrapped along the way, I decided to let go of Lugia for some time. But inspiration struck, and I decided that it is finally time to give Lugia, probably my favourite Legendary, the respect it deserves. And just for fun, I decided to give Mega Lugia a lore of its own!

In times of yore, tales were told of two beings flying through the skies of Johto. These powerful deities were honored with two towers, sprouting from the earth up to the skies above. One tower for the Golden Guardian of the Heavens, and the other for the Silver Claded Gaurdian of the Seas. Two hundred years have passed since the construction of the twin towers, and on each year, two ceremonies took place on the top of the great structures, summoning The Great Protectors to bestow their powers upon the people of Johto. During this time, the power of the two Guardians is beyond the comprehension of humanity, and upon being released, it becomes part of nature once more, strengthening per of the land, curing those who are sick and summoning both the suns' warm embrace and the purifying rain clouds to help the people for the next year to come. However, there were still those who felt as if more could have been gained of the vast power of the two divine creatures. Three Brothers, each one posesses a Water, Electric and Fire partners in combat respectively, decided to awaken The Guardians before the time is right, and that they did. Beginning in the Brass Tower, set up for The Silver Defender of the Sea, the three sisters, along with their allies, performed the dance to awaken the great beast of the ocean. A bright light had shone, lightning clouds gathered, and strong winds blew shortly after the dance was done, and the enormous, silver feathered body of the beast was before them. Enraged for being summoned before the time was right, the Great Protector decided to teach these foolish children a lesson they will not soon forget. Thus, it has shown them it vast, uncontrolable power, even if just the smallest portion of it. However, even the lightest flap of the Silver beast's wings were to much for the great tower to stand against, and it has collapsed after being confronted with the might of the Guardian. Lightning had stricken the remains of the once proudly built building, burning it completely, with the humans and their partners still inside. The Silver Guardian watched in despair this horrible desplay,shocked by the vastness of its' own power. The intense flames died fairly quickly, but it was too late. The three humans, and the three partners have perished already.
Filled with guilt and regret, the Great Guardian buried the six mortals, each human with his trusted ally besides him. A decision was made. The Protector was too strong. Too strong to be helpful anymore, even becoming dangerous to the humans it tried to protect, so it had left the charred tower, along with the town and the company of humans, and went to its resting place in Whirl Islands, to which it still remains to this day, waiting for a human bearing a Silver Soul, to prove to The Guardian that it can control its' true power.

-Mega Lugia
-Ability: Silver Soul* 
-Weight:674.6 lbs

*Silver Soul:"Water, Flying and Dragon type moves recieve a boost. 
Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing"(Boost is 30%, and moves with a higher Critical Hit ratio are counted as having effects).

-Sig. Move:
-"Guardian's Wrath"
-Type: Dragon
-"After absorbing power from nature, the user fires a beam of destructive energy from it's mouth, leaving a trail of destruction in it's wake. Has a higher chance to land Critical Hits."
Lugia, much like Rayquaza, can Mega Evolve only if it learned the move "Guardian's Wrath". The move does the same thing Primal Reversion does to Groudon and Kyogre. Because of that, Lugia doesn't have to hold any Orb or Mega Stone.

Hot damn it's done! It certainly wasn't easy coming up with a design for Mega Lugia, especially when other artists doing an incredible job on it already! But I think that I did okay, and it really was more of the lore that I wanted to present here along with the design.
Lugia is certainly one of my favourite pokemon of all time, probably in my top 3. It was easily the work of the Second Pokemon movie, but even without it showing of how awesome Lugia is, I would still love this guy. Being a badass dragon- like plesiosaur that can both fly and dive to incredible depths, along with psychic powers, Lugia is simply one of the best looking pokemon out there, as it is both simple in design and so dignified at the same time. Lugia had always been part of my team back in pokemon Silver, and once again in Soul Silver, even though I decided to stop using Legendaries after Pokemon Platinum. However, once Soul Silver was announced, I had no choice.
Lugia is , however, a very strange case, being a defensive behemoth instead of a monstrous attacker, the desgin and pokedex entries didn't really fit a pokemon with base 90/90 offenses. However, Lugia is still amazing, and each generation it gains something else to keep up with today's metagame, as having insane bulk coupled with two options for recovering, an expansive movepool and both Pressure and Multiscale being both viable abilities for a defensive pokemon, there is a reason Lugia is known as "The Great Wall". But Still, I always wanted Lugia to be more than a giant flying punch bag, so becoming an offensive monster is a must!
Retaining the bulk Lugia is known for, with a small boost to it's already massive Sp. Defense, a moderate boost to a base 130 Speed and an absolutely enormous boost to it's Sp. Attack, long with a new exclusive ability in Silver Soul* to boost it's power even further, Mega Lugia can be an incredible pokemon. I decided to go with Psychic/Dragon since Lugia is based on Ryujin, the Dragon King of the Sea.
Mega Lugia is pretty similar to to original Lugia, but the main differences are the deep blue patterns on its' neck, belly, wings and legs. when put all together in place, the reseble the water kanji  (水), establishing a better connection to Lugia's current residence and being the Guardian of the Sea.

Well, hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Mega Magmortar by TRXPICS
Mega Magmortar
Alright, so now it's time for Mega Magmortar!

By undergoing Mega Evolution using the Magmortite, Magmortar can Mega Evolve into Mega Magmortar! It's body heat is approximately 4000 degrees F when it remains uncontrolled. However, Mega Magmortar is very calm and focused thanks to the organ that adornes it's forehead. Scientists belive that this organ is actually an extended part of its' brain, thus explaining its' improved power and intelligence. Mega Magmortar's arm cannons are stronger than ever, reinforced with tough armor, raising it's Defense stat. It fires fireballs with almost double the heat it used to fire previously, making it a real force to be reckoned with!

-Mega Magmortar
-Ability: Ultra Launcher*
-Weight:170.9 lbs

*"Ultra Launcher": "Powers up moves that don't make direct contact." (33.3%)

Magmar was one of the lucky few pokemon that recieved an evolution in gen 4, but somehow, even though its' evolution is technically stronger, it is also slower, and it doesn't really have that much over its' pre-evolved form (except for maybe Bulk and a few moves). All in all, Magmortar was not a game changing pokemon back in gen 4, and it still is rather lacking, although in lower tiers it kicks ass. I remember however how exited I was when my friend traded me the Special Magmortar from Battle Revolution, and it was actually a pretty decent pokemon. Not incredible, but still decent. But with insane power creep and stronger, bulkier pokemon running about everywhere, Magmortar, along with many others, just can't keep up. 
So.... Mega Magmortar! With a decent speed for once and a powerful ability, Mega Magmortar can actually be an option when compared even with the fire titan of OU known as Mega Charizard Y, thanks to it's massive movepool and great ability in Vital Spirit before Mega Evolving. 

As far as the design goes, I was actually surprised to learn that Magmortar(Along with Magmar and Magby) were designed to resemble Karuras, Fire creatures from Japanese Hindu-Buddhist mythology. So to go along with this idea, this design is inspired by the Hindu God of Fire, Agni, who is known to have two heads, three legs, six or seven arms and riding a ram. I incorparated concept of a third eye, to signify perception beyond normal sight, while two ram horns are covering Mega Magmortars' legs.

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Mega Exploud by TRXPICS
Mega Exploud
And now, let me present to you another Mega! and this time, its Mega Exploud!

By using the Exploudite, Explouds body grows more holes from its back, palms and arms! Mega Exploud releases from these holes sonic blasts strong enough to demolish several city blocks up to a 3 mile radius! Mega Exploud emits sounds in a wide range of frequencies, from infrasound do ultrasound, thus it is able to make use of the ability Echolocation*! Using ultra powerful sonic blasts, Mega Exploud propells itself through the air, striking with suprising Speed! Finnaly, Exploud gains the Fighting type, and thanks to its new ability Echolocation*, it can make the most use of powerful moves like Focus Blast and Boomburst! 

-Mega Exploud
-Ability: Echolocation*
-Weight:258.2 lbs

*Echolocation: "Accuracy of moves is perfect, the foe is identified regardless of its' type." (A combination of No Guard and Scrappy)

Oh man Exploud. This is one of those pokemon that you would never think evolved from something like Whismur. I remember back in Ruby how much I didn't like Loudred (And I still don't like him, it's design is just plain ugly), and then, at Victory Road, I saw an Exploud. I knew right away that I needed this guy, no matter what. Luckily Victory Road is filled with Loudreds, so it didn't take too much time. Exploud turned out to be a pretty generic Normal type: Good HP, decent attacking stats, and plenty of coverage moves. It did it's job fairly well, having nice attacks and offenses, but it was just decent, nothing more. That is until Gen 6 introduced Boomburst, a move that is aching to be paired with Aerilate, as it is Noivern's signature move, but instead it found it's use on Exploud, and it did wonders to it. Given it's insane coverage, all that Exploud really needed to become an insane Wallbreaker is a strong and reliable STAB move, and it got just that, a 140 base power move with absolutely no drawbacks. Pait that with Scrappy and we have a real monster. But still, Exploud is still a Normal type, and thus, it has alot of competition, especially when considering that it has a STAB that is not super effective on anything. 
So what to do? Mega it of course!
With a new powerful ability, a secondary Fighting STAB in Focus Blast and increased bulk, Speed and power, Mega Exploud will be a nightmare against Stall and Defensive teams, Braking walls like Chansey, Blissey, Mega Sableye, Slowbro, Gliscor, Ferrothorn and so much more. So all in all, Mega Exploud will defenitely be something to watch out for, as having an unresiste STAB has proved that even a pokemon like Lopunny can become a top tier threat.
As for the design, I had in mind something similar to Mega Swampert, as they are both able to inrease their Speed with burst of Water/Sound from their arms, while the back is supposed to resmble a pipe organ.

Well, hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Infermouth by TRXPICS
For those of you who don't know, the pokemon presented in the picture is my very own Fire Starter's final evolution, Drafernoom.
I always wanted to do something like this, ever since I started creating fakemon, and after a year of experimenting with my Corel Painter X, it seemd like a good opportunity to do something like this.
So this is Drafernoom using it's signature move, Infermouth (see here for description…).

Hope you like it!
Mega Dragalge by TRXPICS
Mega Dragalge
Soooo, now it's Mega Dragalge! :icondragalgeplz:

Mega Dragalge's poison is strong enough to melt through thick metal with no problem. It's body is now covered in a special absorbent algea, granting Mega Dragalge impressive boosts to it's Defense and Sp. Defense, though it does give it a much more sickly look. A second pair of fins on it's back give it much better maneuverability, raising it's Speed slightly. Mega Dragalge's is as fearless and as protective as it was before, and will not back down from any challenge. It's ability is Adapdability, which means that moves used by this pokemon which are the same as it's type will do double the damage instead of the regular 1.5. Take advantage of this ability with powerful moves like Draco Meteor and Sludge Wave to do some real damage!

-Mega Dragalge
-Ability: Adaptability
-Weight:223.7 lbs

-Sig. Move:
-"Hydroflouric Blast "
-Type: Poison
-"The user releases from it's mouth a powerful acid, which explodes when coming in contact with the opponent. The move is super effective against the Steel- type, and has a 30% chance to burn the target."

Ahh Dragalge. Once the Fairy-type was announced, I was really hoping that Nintendo will finally grace us with 3 new things to use in OU: A Poison/Dragon type, a Steel/Dragon type and a Fire/Dragon type to counter these new Fairy overlords. We got Mega Charizard X, which was incredible, and we got Dragalge. Since I got X for Mega Charizard, I had to make up with not having a Dragalge most of my game. But then I rememberd that there's the GTS, so I immediately looked for a Skrelp, and bred myself a Sassy Dragalge, and I couldn't have been happier. Dragalge soon became one of most trusted pokemon, with it's awesome movepool, great typing and powerful options, ranging from Draco Meteor and Sludge Bomb to Hydro Pump and Focus Blast, Dragalge was a great pokemon in my X playthrough, and it just got better. After the release of ORAS, everyone could get an Adaptability Dragalge, and that's when the fun really started. Having essentially a 260 base stat move with Choice Specs means that almost nothing wants to get in on you, and even Fairies need to watch out from a Sludge wave to the face.
But still, Dragalge has several flaws. One is it's Speed. Base 44 is slow. Like, really slow. Azumaril naturally outspeeds you slow. Second, is its bulk. Base 90/123 defenses is great, but is really not as great when coupled with base 65 HP. Third, it's initial power. base 97, much like with Noivern, is good on a defensive pokemon, but not so much on an offensive one. so what to do to fix all of that? Give it a Mega of course! And I chose to keep Adaptability as an ability, cause you don't fix what ain't broken. Also, Signature move that is super effective on Steel types, because why not? :la:

:EDIT: changed the coloring a little to signify a change through Mega Evolution, with the body becoming blue and the brown parts becoming green.

Well, hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo

Commission- Closed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 1:23 AM

Well, it was another good run, but I'm afraid that I just have too many thing that I want to submit before December.
Thanks everybody for being as patient with me as yu were! And I hope thta I'll be able to open the commissions again sometime in the future!

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