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The Seven Deadly Ones V.2.0 by TRXPICS
The Seven Deadly Ones V.2.0
Well, this has taken me forever, but It is done!
Ever since I started watching Nanatsu No Taizai (for those who don't know, it translates to "Seven Deadly Sins") I realy wanted to do a remake to my own representations of the seven sins (seen here…). So here they are again!

-Ability:Cute Charm(HA Serene Grace)
-Lust pokemon
-"She enjoys the company of male pokemon, no matter the species, and will always try to seduce or tease them. Lusiryn attracts male pokemon by singing a high-frequency song that enables her to hypnotize them for short periods of time, even humans, so only female or very skilled male trainers can train one."

-Ability:Gluttony(HA Thick Fat)
-Gluttony pokemon
-"They have an unmatched appetite, and are able to consume ten times their own body weigt in a meal.They are very rare, and are found only in leafy areas, such as forests, but in very small numbers. It is said that the origin of it great hunger is its will to evolve, believing that when it will eat enough, it will evolve. There has been no evidence of any evolution, however..."

-Ability:Infiltraitor(HA Super Luck)
-Greed pokemon
-"It loves shiny things, and one Greavyn can collect massive amounts of gold and diamonds, and protects them at all costs. It is consumed by greed, and its entire life sorrounds only getting more fortune. Greavyn are extremely aggresive, and will attack anything that dares to get near their nests."

-Ability:Heavy Metal(HA Overcoat)
-Sloth pokemon
-"It posseses a very thick and heavy armor, giving it overwhelming defensive prowess. However, the weight of the armor tires it very quickly, and it is forced to sleep very often. Slortyn are very passive, but if they are awoken unwillingly, they can attack with a full-frontal Tackle or a devastating tail blow."

-Ability:Anger Point(HA Sheer Force)
-Wrath pokemon
-"Its blood boils with anger, igniting its inner fire to create even more anger. Its intire body exudes intense heat, igniting its burning fists and its mane of fire. One Wremyn can destroy intire mountain ranges if not stopped, and its incredible power makes it difficult to stop rampaging. Only a strong, skilled and calm trainer with a fire that burns as strong as Wremyn's wrath can control it."

-Ability: Pickpocket(HA No Guard)
-Envy pokemon
-"These pokemon always examine other pokemon and humans, searching for things to take. They are very violent and have a severe inferiority complex, and as a result, they tend to hurt and steal thing from humans and pokemon alike. They attack from the shadows, and in a head-on brawl, Enakyn can poison and beat their foes quickly and efficiently."

-Ability:Intimidate(HA Moxie)
-Pride pokemon
-"Thes pokemon have extreme superiority complex, and as such, tend to battle with any opponent, no matter how big or strong. However, these pokemon are extremely powerful, and most of the time, are completly undefeated, and for that reason, trained Pragleosyn are very likely to leave their trainers at some point, thinking that they can train by themeselves. One Pragleosyn can posses a territory of over 20 squared miles, and it will guard it ferociously."

Well, hope you like them!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Nidhogg V.2.0 by TRXPICS
Nidhogg V.2.0
Holy shit that took forever, but I did it! My first take on a digital detailed dragon! And not just any dragon, its a new and improved version of Nidhogg!
For the original version:…

Info from Wikipedia:

"In Norse mythology, Níðhöggr (Malice Striker, often anglicized Nidhogg) is a dragon who gnaws at a root of the World Tree, Yggdrasill. In the mythology, the Nidhogg is said to be controlled by only one person, the Norse goddess named Hel.
According to the Gylfaginning part of Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, Níðhöggr is a being which gnaws one of the three roots of Yggdrasill. It is sometimes believed that the roots are trapping the beast from the world. This root is placed over Niflheimr and Níðhöggr gnaws it from beneath. The same source also says that "the squirrel called Ratatöskr runs up and down the length of the Ash, bearing envious words between the eagle and Nídhöggr [the snake]."
In the Skáldskaparmál section of the Prose Edda Snorri specifies Níðhöggr as a serpent in a list of names of such creatures:
These are names for serpents: dragon, Fafnir, Iormungand, adder, Nidhogg, snake, viper, Goin, Moin, Grafvitnir, Grabak, Ofnir, Svafnir, masked one. (Faulkes translation, p.137)
Snorri's knowledge of Níðhöggr seems to come from two of the Eddic poems: Grímnismál and Völuspá.
Later in Skáldskaparmál, Snorri includes Níðhöggr in a list of various terms and names for swords."

Hope you like it!
Davy Jones' Locker by TRXPICS
Davy Jones' Locker
Got one more for ya!

162-Devrekon(Davy Jones-Wrek)
-Abilities: Pressure/Battle Armor(HA Illuminate)
-Shipwreck pokemon
-"Said to be born from the souls of those who had lost their lives at sea, Devrekon are very feared by sailors, and are belived to bring bad luck to all who come across them. Their fins are shaped like hooks, and they use them to immobilize their prey. Devrekon gather parts of ancient ships to create armor."

-"Shadow Rush"
-Power: 100
-Type: Ghost
-"After covering its body with spectral energy, the user hurls its body at the opponent. May make the foe flinch."

Based on shipwrecks, Pirates, narwhals and goblin sharks.

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Deep Sea Knights by TRXPICS
Deep Sea Knights
Still alive people! While trying out new styles of drawing, I still had the time to do some more fakemon, so here are the Swordfish pokemon!

-Ability:Hyper Cutter/Water Veil(HA Defiant)
-Bait pokemon
-"They swim in very large schools underwater. When in danger, one Batiutish will try and distract the threat, even if it costs it its life. Their small bodies are also very sharp and sleek, allowing them to reach impressive speeds. When close to evolution, Batiutish will leave the school and evolve into Excadius."

-Ability:Hyper Cutter/Water Veil(HA Defiant)
-Swordfish pokemon
-"Using both of their sharpened fins,  Excadius are very tough opponents, and will fiercly protect themeselves and their territory. They can swim at speed over 100 miles per hour, delivering powerful and fast blows to their foes. Sometimes, they are accompanied by a Batiutish and act as mentors until the Batiutish evolves."

Hope you like them!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo 
Tribal Traditions by TRXPICS
Tribal Traditions
It has been a real long time since I've uploaded some fakemon, but there are still some fakemon to be done!

-Ability:Intimidate(HA Rock Head)
-Facepaint pokemon
-"Using their bright coloration, these pokemon can intimidate small predators. The marks on their faces can glow in the dark, allowing them to find each other at night time. The skin of a Protictero is very tough and leathery, and their skull is as hard as steel, however, they are very mild, and dislike fighting."

-Ability:Intimidate(HA Rock Head)
-Warmask pokemon
-"Striblask posseses a very bad temper, and is very easily provoked. The marks on its face resembles eyes that glow through the dark. A herd of Striblask is ruled by a single male, and they use a unique defensive formation that repels even the largest of predators."

Based on ceratopian dinosaurs, tribal masks and body apintings

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo 

Commission- Closed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 1:23 AM

Well, it was another good run, but I'm afraid that I just have too many thing that I want to submit before December.
Thanks everybody for being as patient with me as yu were! And I hope thta I'll be able to open the commissions again sometime in the future!

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