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Mega Druddigon by TRXPICS
Mega Druddigon
Okay, I'm really sorry for the lack of activity for about three weeks or so (mostly because I am barely present at home), but I have managed to do some Mega Evolutions, just waiting to be scanned and colored.
As for now, here is Mega Druddigon!

When exposed to the Druddigonite, Druddigon awakens it's dormant Fire abilities, allowing it to utilise Fire type moves to a greater extent. It's body generates intense heat, and it is released through the darkned spikes on his armas and back. Since Druddigons body temprature is always high, it's Speed and Attack greatly increases, while it's defenses recieve smaller boosts.

-Mega Druddigon
-Ability: Simple
-Weight:541.2 lbs

Now, everyone is probably wondering what does the Fire type has to do with Druddigon, or the ability Simple. 
I have no clue :shrug: But it does give him at the very least a niche as a mini Mega Charizard X, and at most a powerfull physical setup wallbreaker/supporter that can deal with some of the most dangerous pokemon in the current metagame.

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Mega Haxorus by TRXPICS
Mega Haxorus
It took way longer than I expected (Mostly because of my tablet malfunctioning), but Mega Haxorus is complete!

-Mega Haxorus
-Ability: Metalize*
-Weight:332.2 lbs

*Metalize: Normal-type moves become Steel-type moves, and recieve a 30% boost.

Not much to say about it's stats and typing, as they are all fairly obvious. The design is pretty much an extention on what Haxorus is all about, a blade covered monster of a dragon.

Haxorus is an old favourite of mine back from Gen 5, along with many others. It's design was the first thing that caught my eye, and when it's stats were leaked, I knew that I had to have this OP monster on my team. Base 147 Attack was insane back in the days of BW, and even today it is considered very high, until you count other Mega pokemon that can do what Haxorus can do only better. To fix this, Mega Haxorus has enough bulk and speed to choose weather it would like to be a wallbreaker or a sweeper, and thanks to Metalize, it can annihilate every Fairy in the game and do insane damage to pretty much every pokemon that does not resist it's attacks, and even some that do. 

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Mega Eelektross by TRXPICS
Mega Eelektross
Mega Mania! So I decided to make a couple of Mega pokemon, so here is Mega Eelektross!

-Mega Eelektross
-Weight:217.5 lbs

Eelektross was always one of my favourite pokemon from Black and White, mainly because of the fact that it had no weaknesses. But it also had very little chances to shine during battles, mainly because it was unacle to deal with very strong attackers, so I decided to give Eelektross the Poison type and improved defences to make it harder to break through.

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Nanatsu No Taizai OC-Basil Modracon by TRXPICS
Nanatsu No Taizai OC-Basil Modracon
Full Name: Lord Basil Tyras Modracon
Alias: The Dragon Prince, The Black Knight, Half Breed, Man of Divine Blood, Monster Prince of Kuatragnum, Slayer of Armies, Basi.
Age: 3000+
Birthday: June 23rd
Race: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Dragon
Gender: Male
Height: 218 cm(7'02)
Weight: 165 kg (363 lbs)
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Brown
Blood Type: ???
Rank: Divine Dragon(unique to the kingdom of Kuatragnum)
Magic: Dragonpulse- The ability to change his form to increase his power.
Special Skill: Rambling on everything.
Hobby: Playing the piano, Working out, sculpting, training.
Daily Routine: None
Favourite food: Raw meat
Charm Point: His eyes.
Complex: His left arm.
Person he respects the most: Queen Freya and Meliodas.
Person he doesn't want to make an enemy of: The Seven Deadly Sins.


Meliodas:  Basil and Meliodas are very friendly towards each other. They train often with each other, with Meliodas learning new battle techniques and moves from Basil. In the past, Meliodas and Basil fought each other, and Meliodas had beaten Basil, however He had to use his full strength, while Basil was still restrained by his cursed armor, Termino. Basil greatly respects Meliodas' strength and kindness, but he believes that he should be able to feel very little remorse against his enemies, and unleash his full capabilities when it is needed.

Elizabeth: Basil and Elizabeth are fairly freindly towards each other. Elizabeth is quite freightened by Basil, but she has no problem interacting with him. Basil greatly admires her courage and spirit, and acts much like an older brother to her.

Hawk: Hawk and Basil are fairly friendly towards each other. Basil has alot of respect to Hawk, mainly because of his selflesness when protecting Elizabeth.

Diane: Basil and Diane share a very close relationship, in the form of a big brother-little sister kind. During Diane's 500 years of wandering outside of her village, and after King erased her memories, Basil happened to come across the cave she was living in. At first, Diane was scared of him, but after talking to her and explaining about himself, they became friends. They have lived together for a couple of years, but in the end, Basil pursuaded Diane to return to her village. Basil cares deeply for Diane, as if they were related by blood, and he even taught her basic fighting moves to protect herself. When they met again, Diane and Basil were very excited to reunite with each other, showing that they care alot about each other.

Ban: Basil and Ban are very friendly towards each other, and they spend alot of time together while drinking. They first met in a bar, before Ban had gone to the Fairy King's Forest. Ban tried to steal Basil's gold, with Basil stopping him and talking to him. They met again when the Seven Deadly Sins were formed, and again during the reformation of the group. Since Ban has a weakness to alcohol, Basil is the one to keep him from going on drunken escapades. Ban constantly challanges Basil to contests, such as drinking, push-ups, running and fighting, but he never wins. 

King: Basil and King share a very good relationship, with Basil often helping King to be less akward around Diane. After the Seven Deadly Sins were disbanded, King first met Basil in a bar after returning from the Fairy King's Forest, where they started to befriend each other. 

Gowther: Basil talks very little with Gowther, as he keeps bothering him with inappropriate questions. He interacts with him very little, but he still sees him as a comrade.

Merlin: Basil and Merlin have a fairly good relationship. Merlin is very fascinated by his powers and history. She relies on him very much.

Escanor: Not much is known about the relationship between Basil and Escanor, but they do respect each other as fellow knights.

Baltra Liones: Basil and Baltra share a fairly good relationship. Baltra greatly trusts Basil as a friend, and Basil greatly admires Baltra's leadership skills and wisdom. Before the Seven Deadly Sins were formed, Baltra had Meliodas investigate the ruins of Kuatragnum, as a powerful magic force was detected there. Meliodas returned with Basil, and he explained to Baltra what happened. Baltra had made Basil into an honorary citizen of Liones and as the Great Holy Knight for a while. Basil had left the title to Zaratras a while after that, and he was sent to a journey by King Baltra to find what happened to Kutragnum.

Freya: As Mother and son, the relationship between Basil and Freya is very good, and during the time that they were together, they were very close. Freya had taught Basil how to fight and use all sorts of magic, while educating him about kindness and how to treat the citizens when he will become king. When Basil matured, he began participating in wars, and Freya began to worry about him because of his new passion for fighting and bloodshed, and in the end, she was forced to contain him in the armor Termino to regulate hiss power. They haven't met each other since. Basil misses his mother very much, and every year, on September 8th, he plays the song his mother sang to him when he was little, and he visits the ruins of his former kingdom, Kuatragnum.

That was a long description, but in any case, this is my revamped Nanatsu No Taizai OC, Basil Modracon!
I had alot of help from a friend of mine when it came for the backstory and ties to the rest of the cast, and I think that it pretty solid.

Well, Hope you like it!
Mega Dreathon by TRXPICS
Mega Dreathon
It has been a while since I have uploaded a Mega Fakemon, so for no real reason, I decided to make a Mega for Dreathon! (seen here…)

So here is Mega Dreathon!

-Mega Dreathon
-Weight:462.9 lbs(210 kg)

*Ectoplasma:"Moves used by the opponent that make direct contact are weakened" (33% Drop)

Shiny version here:

Well, hope you like him!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo

Commission- Closed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 1:23 AM

Well, it was another good run, but I'm afraid that I just have too many thing that I want to submit before December.
Thanks everybody for being as patient with me as yu were! And I hope thta I'll be able to open the commissions again sometime in the future!

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