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Mega Tyrantrum V.2.0 by TRXPICS
Mega Tyrantrum V.2.0
It's time for a remake!
I know how popular my Mega Tyrantrum is (Mega Tyrantrum), but  I have some problems with both the design and with the coloring. So I decided to remake it!

-Mega Tyrantrum

*"Carnivore":Fang attacks are stronger, and heal the user with half the damage dealt." (Boost to fang based attacks 50%)

-Sig. Move:
-"Crushing Fang"
-"The user bites the opponent with incredible force. Does super-effective damage against Steel and Rock-types".

As I've said once before, Tyrantrum is an awesome concept for a pokemon, but it lacked only from a competitive standpoint, so I believe that he should get a Mega Evolution.

Well, hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Nanatsu No Taizai OC- Lord Modracon:Form 0 by TRXPICS
Nanatsu No Taizai OC- Lord Modracon:Form 0
Continuing with the introduction of my Oc, Lord Modracon, I now bring you his first transformation.

Form 0, aka The Lesser Dragon, is Modracon's first transformation. This for is the first step Modracon makes when he leaves his humanity behind him, but still retains control over his actions. 
The Lesser Dragon resembels a breed of creatures known as Dragonoids, dragon-like bipedal reptiles with great strength. However, the Lesser Dragon is much stronger and far more intelligent then any dragonoid. 
In this form, Modracon can manipulate earth to a certain extent, borrowing underground or summoning pillars of stone from the ground (similarly to Dianes ability Creation, albeit weaker). However, Form 0's brute strength is its main weapon, splitting mountains with a single strike.

Fun Facts:
-Form 0 is 12'2 and weighs around 1 ton.
-It is the fastest form Lord Modracon can take, and the second most intelligent.
-It is the physically and magically weakest of all the forms.
-In this form, Modracon can still play the piano, but only in one hand.

Well, hope you like it!
Nanatsu No Taizai OC-Lord Modracon:Power Released by TRXPICS
Nanatsu No Taizai OC-Lord Modracon:Power Released
A slight preview for whats to come.
Thi is a continuation to the profile of my OC, Lord Modracon Nanatsu No Taizai OC-Lord Modracon:Unleashed
When Modracon's power is unleashed, he still holds back much of his power. The bandages on his arms contain a powerful sealing magic that supresses Modracon's ability, "Dragonpulse".
However, should Modracon encounter an adversary worthy of a true battle, Modracon will remove the second seal, and show his true strength.

Well, hope you like it!
Nanatsu No Taizai OC-Lord Modracon:Unleashed by TRXPICS
Nanatsu No Taizai OC-Lord Modracon:Unleashed
Continuing with the development of my OC Modracon(Seen here:Nanatsu No Taizai OC- Lord Modracon:Restricted), here he is with no armor. 
In this form, his power rises to astronomical levels. His strength allowed him to fend of an army of one hundred thousand soldiers within minutes. Modracon's left arm allows him to tap into his true strength, the power of "Dragonpulse", which allows Modracon to change his physical appearence and enhance his abilities to new heights. 
Modracon is generaly a very calm and polite individual, but during intense battles, he snaps, and can potentially destroy several large kingdoms if he does not regain control over himself.
The bandages wrapped around his left arm keep his power n check. should they be removed, and Modracon can use his ability to its full potential. 
But even then, there is a form that Modracon can achieve that is even greater then his most powerful transformation, and even then, it pales in comparison to what Modracon can achieve with the help of the tainted sword, Typhon.

Fun Facts:
-Modracon is very fond of playing the piano.
-His favourite drink is the Bernia Ale, saying that it "...calls back good memories..."
-Modracon is right-handed, but his left hand is stronger.
-Modracon's height is 7'2, and he weighs 220 lbs.
-Modracon prefers to have facial hair, but will occasionally shave.

Well, hope you like it!
Nanatsu No Taizai OC- Lord Modracon:Restricted by TRXPICS
Nanatsu No Taizai OC- Lord Modracon:Restricted
Well, this is the first of several character profiles I have for this character. (You can read the entire story here The Story of Lord Modracon-Prologue)
As you may have guessed, this is Lord Modracon, in his restricted, or more rather Contained Form.
The character is set in the world of Nanatsu No Taizai.
The armor that covers Modracon's body (named Termino) is made specifically to hinder Modracon's movements and abilities. Ten orbs are located in key spots over the body, known as Restrictor Orbs. These orbs contain spells much greater then any spell that can be cast by even the most powerful of mortal wizards. 
The sword that Modracon wields is known as Lucifer, as it rebels against Modracon's every move.
However, even with all of these restrictions, Modracon's power is comparable to that of a Great Holy Knight at his weakest.
Modracon's power is known as "Dragonpulse", and it allows it to enhance his power by changing his form. The further he changes, the more powerful he becomes, and he gains power over the elements of earth,water, wind and fire. 
Termino prevents Modracon from tapping into his true power, and as such, Modracon can only fight with his fists and the sword he was given. He had lost only once, to the Seven Deadly Sins.

Well, Hope you like it!

Commission- Closed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 1:23 AM

Well, it was another good run, but I'm afraid that I just have too many thing that I want to submit before December.
Thanks everybody for being as patient with me as yu were! And I hope thta I'll be able to open the commissions again sometime in the future!

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