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Mega Heliolisk by TRXPICS
Mega Heliolisk
And now, Mega Heliolisk!

After Mega Evolving, Heliolisk's Speed stat skyrockets along with it's Special Attack. The crest that adorn's Mega Heliolisk's neck  shows red marks when expanded, and is used mainly to intimidate the opponent. The fins that adorn Mega Heliolisk's arms and back allow it to run at incredible speed, cutting through the air and lowering the drag caused by wind. Heliolisk recieves the Dragon-type after Mega Evolving, thus giving Mega Helioptile a boost to moves such as Dragon Pulse while also giving Heliolisk a moltitude of new resistances.

-Mega Heliolisk
-Ability: No Guard
-Weight:62.4 lbs

So... When Helioptile was leaked before XY were out, I was pretty exited. Seeing as it had the potential to become the first non-legendary Electric/ Dragon type in the game with it's wierd Normal secondary type, and with people constantly trying to guess how is it's evolution is going to look like, i was pretty hyped for it. When Heliolisk was confirmed to be the final evolution of the Heliolisk line, I was really dissapointed. It wasn't even close to being a badass Basilisk-Dragon, and instead we were introduced to a fast little lizard. But as I started to play the game, and came across a Helioptile, all of that didn't really matter anymore, and Heliolisk became a part of my team. despite having only Razor Wind as a Normal- type STAB, Heliolisk had so many fun options, ranging from Thunderbolt to Surf, Grass Knot and even Dark Pulse and Focus Blast.

I think that No Guard as an ability is best suited to a pokemon with such powerful attacking options.

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Mega Krookodile by TRXPICS
Mega Krookodile
So... Mega Krookodile!

When exposed to the Krookodite, Krookodile's arms become longer and more mascular, giving it a much tougher appearence, especially when coupled with the marks all over it's body. Krookodile's eyes are sharper than ever, allowing Krookodile to see even better through the harshest of sandstorms. Mega Krookodile's neck muscles are almost three times as large than its normal state, which grants it the strength to tear through almost any substance with very little effort with its huge jaws!

-Mega Krookodile
-Ability: Carnivore*
-Weight:302.8 lbs

*"Carnivore":Fang attacks are stronger, and heal the user with half the damage dealt." (Boost to fang based attacks 50%)

Krookodile is easily one of my favourite poke's from Unova. Being a badass crocodile-dinosaur hybrid with an equaly badass Ground/Dark typing made sure that with every new adventure in this massive region, a Sandile will join my team to kick ass and take names all throughout the game. 
So all in all, Krookodile is awesome, and it certainly deserves a Mega Evolution.

Well, hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Mega Flygon by TRXPICS
Mega Flygon
More Megas!
This time, its an old companion for many, the spirit of the desert, Flygon :iconflygonlaplz:!

When exposed to the Flygonite, Flygon gains enormous amounts of energy, raising it's Attack stat greatly. That same power allows Mega Flygon to attract sand to it's body and use it to create massive sandstorms, thus it gets the Sand Stream ability. The sand covers Flygon's body and circles around it, acting as some kind of defensive barrier, raising it's defenses. Flygon grows a second pair of wings, although smaller than it's main wings, they give Flygon a major boost in it's Speed stat.

 -Mega Flygon
-Ability: Sand Stream
-Weight:235.4 lbs

-Sig. Move:
-"Sand Vortex"
-"After covering it's body with sand, the user spins and strikes the foe with high speed. Affects airborn enemies. During a Sandstorm, this move will always go first".

Flygon is far from being my favourite Dragon or Ground type pokemon, however, whenever I play through Hoenn, I can't allow myself not to put this guy on my team. It is decently fast and hits just hard enough not to be considered weak, and it's typing back in RSE was amazing. But what interested me most about Flygon was the nickname that was given to it, "The Desert Spirit" has a very nice ring to it, so I mostly wanted to take this concept for the design. As the embodiment of the desert, Flygon should always be sorrounded by sand, so I decided that the best ablity that Mega Flygon could have is Sand Stream. 
Also, to make sure that Flygon is not outclassed by Garchomp as a Dragon/Ground type, and Tyranitar as a Sand Stream abuser, I gave Flygon a new attack, Sand Vortex, ensuring that it will find itself on many teams.
And before anyone points out that it should stay with the ability Levitate bcause it, well, levitates, look at Mega Charizard X. And Mega Metagross. And Bronzong with Heatproof.

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Mega Noivern by TRXPICS
Mega Noivern
Ready for more Megas? This time it's non other than Mega Noivern!

When exposed to the Noivernite, Noivern's lungs grow considerably, raising their Sp. Attack considerably, and are able to inhale and exhale massive amounts of air, thus allowing Noivern to create extremely powerful ultrasonic waves that can actually create vacuum for a short amount of time  by pushing the air all around them when attacking. Noivern's wings are now adorned with a sturdy, lightweighted armor, enabling them to fly without making a sound by cutting through the air, thus raising their Speed and Defense greatly. The ultra sonic waves Mega Noivern generates from it's chest can push a mountain and bend thick metal plates like they were paper.

 -Mega Noivern
-Ability: Aerilate
-Weight:215.2 lbs

So the design is pretty straightforward, and the ability is even more straightforward. I still don't get why Nintendo decided to give Noivern Telepathy instead of Aerilate, but whatever.
Noivern's stats were always an issue for me, because they are actually pretty damn good, but just not good enough. What good is a base 123 speed  when it is coupled with a base 97 Sp. Attack? Even with Choice Specs or Life Orb, Noivern was just unable to break through specially bulky pokemon. So to fix that problem, I give you Aerilate Boomburst Mega Noivern with 70/137/153 offenses and 85/110/80 defenses, giving Noivern bulk to survive priority and the ability to be a great Stallbreaker with it's increased speed and defenses.

Well, Hopyou like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Mega Druddigon by TRXPICS
Mega Druddigon
Okay, I'm really sorry for the lack of activity for about three weeks or so (mostly because I am barely present at home), but I have managed to do some Mega Evolutions, just waiting to be scanned and colored.
As for now, here is Mega Druddigon!

When exposed to the Druddigonite, Druddigon awakens it's dormant Fire abilities, allowing it to utilise Fire type moves to a greater extent. It's body generates intense heat, and it is released through the darkned spikes on his arms and back. Since Druddigons' body temprature is always high, it's Speed and Attack greatly increases, while it's defenses recieve smaller boosts.

-Mega Druddigon
-Ability: Simple
-Weight:541.2 lbs

Now, everyone is probably wondering what does the Fire type has to do with Druddigon, or the ability Simple. 
I have no clue :shrug: But it does give him at the very least a niche as a mini Mega Charizard X, and at most a powerfull physical setup wallbreaker/supporter that can deal with some of the most dangerous pokemon in the current metagame.

Hope you like it!
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo

Commission- Closed

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 1:23 AM

Well, it was another good run, but I'm afraid that I just have too many thing that I want to submit before December.
Thanks everybody for being as patient with me as yu were! And I hope thta I'll be able to open the commissions again sometime in the future!

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