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Demented Reptiles V.4.0 by TRXPICS Demented Reptiles V.4.0 by TRXPICS
More remakes! This time its another old favourite, my Crazy Lizard line!…


-Ability:Infiltraitor/Magic Guard(HA Speed Boost)
-Mad pokemon
-"The egg of a Lokomodon is unbelievabely tough, and it cannot be cracked by any normal means. Because of this, the Lokomodon is ready to hatch a long time before it cracks the shell of the egg and as such it's entire body becomes twisted, and it's mind slowly deteriorates until it finally breaks down. Only by using it's powerful Psychic abilities can it break through the shell of it's egg, releasing it to the world at the cost of its own sanity."

-Ability:Infiltraitor/Magic Guard(HA Speed Boost)
-Psychopath pokemon
-"Incredibly intelligent, but maliciously unpredictable, Psykomodon are astonishingly dangerous pokemon to face in the wild, and should one set it's eye on a trainer, its all over. These pokemon can run at incredible speeds and attack with amazing force, amplifying the power of their limbs with their Psychic powers to an extreme level. They are very adaptable fighters, more so because of their erratic behaviour and fighting style, and are known have amazing reflexes and keen senses to aid them further in battle. Legends tell that the maniacal laughter of Psykomodon can break down the mind of all who hear it, causing them to wander into its territory to be hunted."

As pokemon that are born crazy, Lokomodon and Psykomodon have their own default Nature: "Psycho Nature"
It increases Attack, Special Attack and Speed by 10%,but lowers Defence and Special Defence by 10%.

Signature move:
-"Psycho Roar"
-Power: 120
-Type: Psychic
-PP: 10
-Acc: 100%
-"The user roars as if it was laughing ,releasing a huge amount of psychic energy all over the field. May confuse the foe."

All right! Finally done with these guys! To be completely hontest, I don't knoe why I find these guys so appealing, maybe it's because of the idea of an insane character always intrigued me. As far as the design goes, nothing has changed much, but what I really wanted to do is add all the falppy things that flap around Psykomodon's back and neck, which are supposed to be like belts on straitjackets. 

Hope you like them! 
Pokemon © Pokémon Company/Nintendo
Jdrawer01 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2017
I have to say, the black on white designs deviate from the norm and look sick as a result. However, I don't think a 120 Base Power move with perfect accuracy is healthy for the game.
TRXPICS Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
First of all, thank you! Glad you like the design!
As far as how Psykomodon would perform in the metagame, this guys is sporting not only his insanely (pun intended) good STAB signature attack, but he is also incredibly fast with a base 127 Speed and ridiculously strong with a base 146 Sp. Attack. Also it gets Speed Boost. Yeah, this guys is not to be used in normal play, but it stiil doesn't mean it's unbeatable. I mean, Psychic/Dragon is not the best offensive typing, being walled to hell and back by Tapu Lele,  Mega Metagross and Bronzong, who are fairly prevelent in the current metagame, and don't forget that he's also extremely frail, and having a default Nature that decreases Psykomodon's defenses is also an attempt at making it more balanced. But in the end, Psykomodon is supposed to be a Glass Cannon, much like Pheromosa or Deoxys-A, having absurd amounts of power, but if it can't KO the opponent right away, then its game over. So Psycho Roar as an attack is supposed to help Psykomodon not only to break through bulkier pokemon, but to potentially cripple switch-ins with Confusion, which is very similar to Mega Pidgeot's Hurricane. 
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